When this comes to playing awesome games that are based on puzzle as well as they have some exciting factor too then no one can ignore Homescapes. This game is developed and designed by the same studio that created Gardenscapes. Both games are too much popular as it has millions of download and good rating on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Anyone can download it for free and enjoy the awesome gameplay but it is offering in app purchases that mean you can spend real money to get virtual currency. Well, this isn’t a suitable option for all the gamers and the best alternative to alleviate the issue is Homescapes Hack. There are lots of gamers using it and saving their money. You can also try it out due to the effectiveness.

homescapes hack

How To Earn More Coins?

As you know that there are two currencies in the game, coin is the primary and star is the premium one. Both are hard to earn as well as easier too. This depends on you that how you play. If you are playing the levels offered by developers then it is easy to earn few coins and 1 star. In order to earn higher amount, the best option is to play live events. These are typically harder and lots of gamers are enjoying these. Timing is everything in the game because you have to renovate as well as decorate the home but completing the three tile puzzle is first and main factor. Try to go slow and don’t renovate your home right after earning resources. The Homescapes cheats will be helpful in collecting higher amount of resources and progressing with ease. Make sure that you focus on pure basics of the game. In order to renovate well and complete the game faster, skip all the renovations and focus on levels. Keep on completing until you reach on the limits and then spend the resources and think about right upgrades. It will be hard to choose some of the right things to renovate but anyone can get over it by the basic tips provided by developers.Also must read about FIFA 18 Mobile Tips

What’s more to do?

There are so many levels and if you want to complete any of them faster, the power ups can help. https://twitter.com/lordsmobileop You can find that there are 4 types of power up and each of them can be created with different method. The easiest one is to match 4 tiles in a row and getting rid of these four tiles and obtaining a rocket power up. As you press it, then the rocket is going to remove the entire row or column, depending on how it was made. The other power up is bomb, airplane and few more. All of them are hard to create but if you focus a little on it then anyone can get these. Keep on using power ups and it will help in getting free Homescapes coins. Anyone can try this method and get rid over all issues.

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