The OubliZ guild is a gathering of players taking part in various adventures on online games. It was created in 2008 on the occasion of a group of several friends, on RappelZ. After two years on this game, the OubliZ guild has evolved on Aion remaining active for a year and a half. Since then, the Forgotten have made very brief passages on games recently released, like Rift and Tera, which finally did not live up to our expectations.

Today, after 5 years of development, Guild Wars 2 finally shows the tip of its nose and promises beautiful adventures and the guild OubliZ will participate! Our guild is composed of 15 players, playing together for a while now, but we are always open to new encounters … The more we are crazy, the more we laugh!

Our goals are mainly to have fun and stay competitive. The guild OubliZ is primarily a guild in which we favor the atmosphere. We do not try to be the first guild on a game in terms of numbers, we prefer to evolve into a restricted committee. However, we still want to participate in collective events and not be left behind in different rankings inter-guilds and participate in the life of the server on which we are. We do not impose game schedules or connection quotas.

In terms of recruitment, our members are chosen according to three main criteria: sense of sharing, maturity and participation in the life of the guild. This point is essential, we do not want solitary wolves but players involved!

In order to take full advantage of everything our forum offers, please identify yourself if you are already a member or join our community if you are not yet.

The OubliZ guild opens its recruitment for the Guild Wars 2 beta.

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